Jaipur Jewels

From being an indispensable part of the Naheta family, to becoming an indispensable part of the Jaipur Jewels brand and identity, Sarika, and Team Weave are a force to reckon with. Having led branding, marketing and store launch activities with external partners till a while ago, she identified the challenges and faced them head on with the approach of keeping the brand relevant in these changing times, to upping our communications game, end-to-end. From working on brand communication and consulting with the design teams, to ensuring the website and e-commerce are up-to-date, she has spearheaded many campaign collection shoots and seen them to fruition, and been a major contributor to the brand’s relaunch in 2014.

Vineet Naheta

Image Works Consulting

Thank you for enabling the website and turning the vision to reality. I really appreciate the entire team’s effort and commitment to the project. Thank you for accommodating all the requests. It has resulted in an impressive website which has received a positive response so far.
I will surely refer you to my peers and also consider more services in future.
Thank you once again for your support & patience. I look forward to our future collaborations.

Shaifali Singh

Shanti Banaras

When we wanted to enter into the retail business, we were clueless of so many things on the marketing side. Sarika and her team helped us design our new logo.Her experience was helpful while ensuring that the new logo fit the new line of business of parent brand YNGS and the vision of the stakeholders. The team also guided us with the marketing side of our first flagship store launch in Varanasi along with the most iconic campaign of the brand ‘I AM SHANTI’ for which she helped us collaborate with a great team which gave the brand a great kickstart on the retail front.

Amrit Shah

DERS International

Weave Consults gave us a fresh new perspective on a side of business that we didn’t know much about. Having assisted us with rebranding, redesigning our website and elevating our social media presence, Team Weave is always on the roll with newer ideas.They are meticulous with their follow ups and keep encouraging us to display our work on our Instagram and Facebook with powerful and visually appealing creatives along with engaging content.

Rohit Naheta

The Orchha Palace Hotel & Convention Centre

Sometimes even well established brands need to be told what to do, and Team Weave does exactly what’s good for us, while driving us to keep aiming higher. Team Weave encouraged us to complete a lot of unfinished jobs we had taken for granted, like updating our website, investing in newer pictures, and rebranding our marketing collaterals to give us a fresh new look. The team is well tuned with current trends and keeps making relevant suggestions.

Hari Om

Kalakriti Agra

Team Weave, led by Sarika Naheta is so exuberant. Although most of our business depends on international clients, and with tourism affected by the pandemic, Sarika did not let us feel defeated. While we put our social media work on hold, she encouraged us to use this time to rediscover ourselves by way of rebranding and rethinking our identity. Her expertise was exceptionally helpful in the way she patiently guided us through the process and help us take decisions for the new KALAKRITI logo and we truly are delighted with the final outcome and have received great reviews for the same. Our social media had seen visible growth pre-pandemic, and we expect the same upward trend as we resume our digital presence again with Weave, come August!

Anurag Jain